Friday, 15 November 2013

What Makes Tantra So Special?

If anyone has heard the word Tantra or Tantric massage, it's usually followed by giggles and blushes, a few seconds of silence and then a change of subject. There is a big void on info in the media. Reading a book on Tantra doesn't help much either - you've got to experience it to be able to talk about it.

So what makes Tantra so special? and why do people give you that look when you drop this word in a casual conversation?

Tantra brings knowledge (theory) and awareness (practise) about your own sexuality. Nobody taught us about it in school, this is an opportunity for you to educate yourself and embrace the true potential of you whole being.

When it comes to food, we all want the healthiest and tastiest food to nourish ourselves. When it comes to clothes, we want the nicest and finest fabrics to cover us. When it comes to sex, we don't want more sex and  feel nothing. We all want "better" sex and we are afraid to ask for it. Sex is not something we do, it's a place we go. It's a space you enter with yourself and others.

"Tantra is about the connection between consciousness, energy and breath, which a lot of lovers do not know about. They are very focused on genital orgasm, and have everything to learn from a tradition that talks about the whole body, and understands that breath can awaken you in very different ways than just manual stimulation." (Esther Perel)

In a Tantric massage, you have the opportunity to build up your body awareness and experience intimacy on another level, not just physical. Your level of awareness is higher and the way you perceive sexual energy is more elevated. This is what makes Tantra so special. We are all craving for intimacy. Besides letting you see into me, we also want to be able to share a unique, sacred space with our lover, a space where I can be reflective, awaken, playful , feel safe and loved.

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