Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What Is Tantric Sex?

Most people I work with want to know what Tantric sex is. These two buzz words have become one of  "the most sought for" and "the most misunderstood" terms in practicality.

Every tantric masseuse has a story to tell. Still... nothing makes sense and we  are all more confuse then ever... so is anyone out there that can summarise what "tantric love making" means? so an 8 year old could understand it too??

The first myth that has to go is that Tantric sex is about having intercourse for hours. A comment that Sting made over 20 years ago has captivated the public's imagination. He tried to re-phrase it after and at some point he even said he regretted making that statement as everyone misunderstood him.

In Tantric love making, both partners transfigured each other. They are no longer "him and her" but deities beyond human faults. Shiva and Shakti are dancing together to maintain harmony in this Universe. The Tantric approach is a mental approach and has little to do with technique. Suffice it to say that boosting your ego about your own performance has nothing to do with Tantra. On the contrary, this will keep you down.

Maintaining a state of arousal for longer helps. There is no such  thing like: I'll kiss you, and I'll do this to you and then you'll do the same to me and hopefully we'll be both happy with what we've got by the time we finish. Giving just for the sake of giving, no expectations to get anything back. Receiving everything, staying open, going beyond your limitations... surrender.... A few key words here that indicate a state of mind. Starting from giving-receiving, the ego looses the battle. The state of consciousness changes and love making becomes a  transcendental metha-physical experience. It's not just about the body, it's about the journey that the mind takes you on.

Two minds can become one and travel together to discover the beauty of the non dual awareness. Bon voyage and enjoy!