Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How To Use All Five Senses To Get Her In The Mood

Attention men everywhere! If you want to rev things up between-the-sheets with your partner, let your five senses control foreplay! It doesn't necessarily have to be a sensual massage... keep it nice and simple!

Turn her on with your words, beckon her with your smell and sexplore with taste. Voila, you've discovered the secret to mind blowing fun! Allow Esther Perel to explain:

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Can We Want What We Already Have?

In a relationship, after years of living together, can we still want what we already have? When we are so sure that everything will be the same tomorrow - simply a routine - does our partner still attract us?

A long term relationship offers the greatest luxury in life: enough time to spend with each other. There are exciting times, and others that feel like a failure. It requires strategy, effort, and a will to make it work to stay together... a relationship needs maintenance. Blaming the other for routine will only cause a defensive argument, to say at least...

To keep it all exciting, maintain a sense of playfulness. "Sex is the last arena where we can afford to get back to playing as adults." (Esther Perel) You don't have to go places, it's enough if you look at each other with new eyes. Desire needs imagination, thrill needs adventure, and safety needs emotional intimacy.

When you are sure something will be yours forever, you rapidly loose interest... Only fear of  loss can make you appreciate your partner again.

Here is one of Esther Perel's  amazing TED video presentation that reveals the secret to desire in a long term relationship. She is one of the world's most original and insightful voices on couples and sexuality across cultures.

Friday, 3 May 2013

The Ella Experience - New Video Release

Ella (The Ella Experience) shares a love for Tantra and a taste for simplicity with the people she meets through her work. It's a love story between real life and faith. Everything is perfect as it is and each Tantric massage session she gives, is different in terms of energy flow, interpretation of the human body and emotional connection.

After 6 years of working in London with people from all over the world, Ella has made a video that lets you into her world. The camera follows her hands moving smoothly - it's the mellow warmth of the Far East, where Tantra was born. Making the video was just like writing about herself... her emotions translated into motions.