Friday, 30 November 2012

Learn How To Give Your Partner A Sensual Massage In 7 Easy Steps

With Christmas around the corner, you kind of feel the same pressure every year: the Xmas presents.... If you have kids, it's easier (or more complicated??), they are happy with almost anything... but how about your partner? What to buy for the person who's already got everything?

Thinking to invest some time, love and attention into your Christmas gift? Make it a special one and give your partner a sensual relaxing massage. It will take less than 30 minutes of your precious time and you only need to invest in a good quality massage oil. You don't need to be qualified - this massage experience is to show her that you care and you are there for her needs. 

To give your partner the ultimate relaxing and sensual massage experience follow these easy steps:

1. Find a quiet area that is warm and clean. Light some candles and play some soft music in the background to help set the mood.

2. You can perform the massage on a comfortable bed, a mattress or even a mat on the floor would do. Spread the towel over the bed/mattress to catch any excessive oil.

3. Place a pillow under your partner's head so she is comfortable for the whole duration.

4. Start the massage with your partner lying down on her stomach.

5. Put some oil in a cupped hand and warm it by rubbing your hands together.

6. Apply the oil using long, smooth strokes, starting with the legs and working your way upwards. Apply light pressure to start with and as you warm up the skin and muscle tissue, add more pressure. You can also stretch, knead, rub, manipulate muscles. Always ask for a feedback. Never apply strong pressure to the joints, major blood vessels or the spine itself.

7. Move your hands slowly and try to be there, don't start thinking about other things. Being there in the moment, focused and dedicated for half an hour or so, makes the whole difference. Think that you are making love to your partner with your hands so touch her with love and passion. Show her you care about every inch of her body... make her desire you and your touch. Be playful and creative!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

On Gratitude

"To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven" (Johannes A. Gaertner)

When we are grateful for what happens to ourselves, good and bad, we stop fighting within ourselves. We seize the conflict of wanting more and more, this and that, being like that and not like this. No conflict equals no drama. One of the keys to happiness.....

And if you are asking yourselves what Tantric massage has got to do with all this gratitude subject, we go: Tantra as a life style, is based on a few laws (do's and don'ts called Yamas and Niyamas) such as: non-violence, truthfulness,  contentment, discipline, study etc... When we live contentment and gratitude, we are aware of  abundance and positiveness in our lives. There is a big plus there that counteracts any "big grey cloud".

In a Tantric massage the mental attitude counts a lot. If you feel you belong rather than being separated from this universe, if you are aware that even this mere Tantric massage session is not a mere coincidence, but it's part of the big plan, then your mental shifts easier. You let go of the steering wheel and surrender to the mysteries of the journey itself.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

What's The Difference Between Sensual Massage And Tantric Massage?

Both are excellent opportunities for relaxation and distressing. The main difference is the approach and the aim of the massage experience.

Sensual massage

The aim is to relax as well as  arouse the physical body. The masseuse can involve herself as much as she feels comfortable in satisfying the client's needs. The massage is often described as an exciting, arousing, sensual experience. Alternatively described as a long tease before the "Happy Ending"... As long as both parties are in agreement, mutual touch can be allowed.

Tantric massage

The authentic Tantric massage focuses on the spiritual aspect of Tantra. The client is encouraged to connect with himself on a deeper level and is taught how to control and manipulate  his sexual energy by practising basic control techniques. The client's awareness increases gradually over time thus giving him greater sexual control. The therapist projects her sexual energy into the energetic body of the client on a subtle deeper level of the subconscious mind. The masseuse is not there for her own sexual needs, she is there to facilitate the flow of sexual energy in a harmonious way. It's often described as an uplifting and elevated experience.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

What Is Tantra?

Tired of incomprehensible definitions of Tantra? Long texts on Tantric massage websites that confuse you even more?

What a better way to find out about Tantra than from the Guru of Tantra himself: Swami Vivekananda is the founder of Agama Yoga. Here he gives a brief description on Tantra and Tantra Yoga.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Early Bird - Special Offer!

Special offer for the early birds:

£10 off the nude session and £20 off the body to body for morning sessions between 9-11am.

Offer valid till the end of November 2012.

Friday, 2 November 2012

A Way To Live

"Learn something new each day. Show kindness each day. Express gratitude each day. Live your purpose each day. Restore at night and repeat." (Author unknown)

Tantra is not just a box, it's an umbrella under which you can find so many paths that you might have already known about, or maybe it's all new to you. Tantra does not refer only to the sexual aspect of life. It's a way of living in harmony within ourselves and with the whole universe.

Therefore when you have a Tantric massage, don't just expect to get aroused. The more you'll be able to connect with your body, the more you'll experience. Building your body awareness is like a little exercise: it takes a while to get it right. When your body is relaxed and your minds quiets down, your sensory and internal awareness expand. That's where the journey begins.