Monday, 22 October 2012

How To Find A Genuine Tantric Massage in London

Especially in London where there are so many Tantric masseuses on the net, it's no wonder you don't know who to choose to have a real Tantric Massage experience. It doesn't come cheap, as it's rated twice the price of a normal Swedish  massage, so you'd better choose wisely. I want to share with you how to make the difference between the real McCoy and a slap and tickle.

Here come my tips.... First, when you enquire on the phone, do put all the questions you have on your mind. When you call,  the masseuse or her receptionist should have the patience to answer any questions and make things clear for you. Don't just ask about prices and location, also enquire about the Tantric background of the masseuse, and ask a few details about the massage itself. (e.g. What makes the session Tantric and not just a normal relaxing massage?) A professional with a Tantric background and experience should be more than happy to explain what the session entails and make everything clear to you.  

In a tantric massage, relaxation comes first and there is no pressure to perform. The key word is Surrender to your senses. When your mind has shut down, your senses will work for you. Just allow yourself to go with them... The massage is done very slowly, in a relaxing, sensual way. The touch of the masseuse is intentionally sensual, and comes with a pure intent. Therefor it elevates and uplifts you. The entire massage becomes more than a physical experience, as it touches your energetic and emotional bodies.

The session culminates with a Lingham/ Yoni massage where you can learn how to manipulate and control your sexual energy in a constructive way. It gives you a new insight into your sexuality; it opens the door to a whole new dimension.You are very much taken care off, and in the end you will find yourself floating in a space you've tapped into. It's the power of a Tantric Massage at that enriches your day, your week... and connects you with your deeper self.