Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Early Bird - Special Offer!

Special offer for the early birds:

£10 off the nude session and £20 off the body to body for morning sessions between 9-11am.

Offer valid till the end of March 2014.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Intimacy And Desire (Reconciling The Erotic & The Domestic)

Psychologist Esther Perel is recognised as one of the world’s most original and insightful voices on couples and sexuality across cultures. Her best-selling and award-winning book, Mating in Captivity: Reconciling the Erotic and the Domestic, has been translated into 24 languages. Here’s what she had to say on:
100 years ago, intimacy was simply living together, sharing the companionship and vicissitudes of life. Today, “into me see” is about transcending your existential aloneness by sharing your inner life with another. My experience of closeness with you is my ability to share my feelings, fears, aspirations and dreams with you, and for you to be reflective, to validate me, to make me feel like I matter, because I’m sharing my most precious property – my inner life – with you.
Attraction is how much we are drawn in by a person, by their looks, their energy, their radiance, their intelligence; how much they elicit (in us) a sense of wonder, curiosity and aesthetics.
Desire likes meeting with the unknown, mystery, and surprise. It needs space, otherness and difference to thrive. It needs a bridge to cross and somebody to visit on the other side.
Love likes to know the beloved, to narrow the gap, to neutralise the threat, to minimise the distance. Love wants mutuality, reciprocity, care and responsibility.
 Desire versus Love
Those ingredients that are central to Love can often stifle Desire, because if you feel too responsible for someone, worry too much about them, if they make you anxious, then you cannot retreat into your own playful, imaginative, exploratory world in order to experience pleasure and excitement, to play sexually, and then experience the pleasure of being with another.
Possessiveness does not have much to do with Love. It’s really about Patriarchy. It’s about a power structure in society. Real love is the ability to let the other person go, rather than to want to own them. At most, your partner is on loan with an option to renew, but they never belong to you.
 Freedom versus Control
On some level, possessiveness and control are reactions to a profound anxiety that you may lose the other person. We hope to diminish our fear of losing the other by trying to own them, to possess them, to control them; but people are more likely to stay and to come back voluntarily when they feel free than when they feel controlled.
 Relationship Consumerism
In the western world today, consumerism is seeping into relationship thinking.
Is this the best choice? Is this the best I can find? Is this the right time? Will I lose my freedom? We have been so conditioned to develop our choices and autonomy that there is a greater fear for people to partner.
Usually, in a couple, one person is more afraid to lose the other (fear of abandonment), and the other is more afraid to lose themselves (fear of suffocation). We all need both connection and separateness, but some of us come out of our childhood needing more space, and some of us come out of our childhood needing more protection and connection; and we tend to partner with the person on the other side.
Some people are afraid to come too close because they are afraid of losing someone they’ve grown to love, and so they avoid the chance of being hurt. Then there are those who expected a relationship to make everything in their life perfect, and when it only changes one part of their life, they become disillusioned and then avoid any chance of being disappointed again.
 New Model of Commitment
Some people who are afraid of commitment in a romantic relationship can be lifelong loyal friends, and be deeply committed to their family or their work. A fear of commitment doesn’t necessarily stretch across all areas of your life. It may be that the model of commitment you are being asked to adhere to doesn’t work for you. Some people may make a better partnership by not moving in together, for example.
 Sexual Privacy
Erotic couples respect each other’s erotic privacy. They understand that there are thoughts, drives, desires and fantasies that belong to the other and that are a part of their own intimacy with themselves. We need an intimacy with ourselves and an intimacy with our partner, and they live side by side.
 Turn Yourself On
Knowing how to turn yourself on is essential. Instead of saying: “He/she turns me off/on when…,” I ask my clients to use the phrase: “I turn myself off/on when…” And what I hear from them is basically: “I turn myself off when I don’t take care of myself and I feel dead inside,” and, “I turn myself on when I feel alive, when my senses and curiosity are awakened, when I’m open.” What do you do to awaken your aliveness, your senses, your sexuality? If you don’t do that first, your partner may jump through hoops but you won’t necessarily respond.
Tantra is about the connection between consciousness, energy and breath, which a lot of lovers do not know about. They are very focused on genital orgasm, and have everything to learn from a tradition that talks about the whole body, and understands that breath can awaken you in very different ways than just manual stimulation.
 Destination Sex
I don’t see sex as something we do. I see sex as a place we go. Sexuality is a space you enter with yourself and with others. Many people can do sex but feel nothing. No one ever complains because they want more sex where they feel nothing; it’s always about better sex. “Better” means they want to reconnect with the quality of aliveness, vibrancy, vitality, renewal, playfulness and connection that they used to experience, or that they hoped they one day would.
Self-expression in sex has to do with where you go in yourself, what parts of yourself you connect to, what gets expressed in sex. Is it the part of you that’s more infantile, that wants to be taken care of, that likes to be more powerful, dominant and in control, that likes to be naughty and rebellious, that seeks to transcend the borders of your physicality in a spiritual union? “Where do you want to go in sex?” is the question you want to ask.
Contraception allows us, for the first time, to socialise sexuality, to think of it not as a property of biology and nature but as a property of oneself; so, we get to make decisions about it. With contraception, we get to decide when we want to have children. That is a revolutionary historic change.
Child centrality has never been so acute as it is today. We want our children to have our attention and our availability 24/7. So, it takes collaboration and creativity to be able to marry a romantic model that wants time, intimacy, sexuality and communication for the adult couple with this child centrality we are embracing. Both partners need to be able to set boundaries in which they agree: “Now, it’s our time.”
It’s very important that you create a space for the adults, including an erotic space, which means you can relax, be playful, not be part of Management Inc., and be in the zone of pleasure, which may or may not include sex.
If we preserve the couple, we preserve the family.

Friday, 15 November 2013

What Makes Tantra So Special?

If anyone has heard the word Tantra or Tantric massage, it's usually followed by giggles and blushes, a few seconds of silence and then a change of subject. There is a big void on info in the media. Reading a book on Tantra doesn't help much either - you've got to experience it to be able to talk about it.

So what makes Tantra so special? and why do people give you that look when you drop this word in a casual conversation?

Tantra brings knowledge (theory) and awareness (practise) about your own sexuality. Nobody taught us about it in school, this is an opportunity for you to educate yourself and embrace the true potential of you whole being.

When it comes to food, we all want the healthiest and tastiest food to nourish ourselves. When it comes to clothes, we want the nicest and finest fabrics to cover us. When it comes to sex, we don't want more sex and  feel nothing. We all want "better" sex and we are afraid to ask for it. Sex is not something we do, it's a place we go. It's a space you enter with yourself and others.

"Tantra is about the connection between consciousness, energy and breath, which a lot of lovers do not know about. They are very focused on genital orgasm, and have everything to learn from a tradition that talks about the whole body, and understands that breath can awaken you in very different ways than just manual stimulation." (Esther Perel)

In a Tantric massage, you have the opportunity to build up your body awareness and experience intimacy on another level, not just physical. Your level of awareness is higher and the way you perceive sexual energy is more elevated. This is what makes Tantra so special. We are all craving for intimacy. Besides letting you see into me, we also want to be able to share a unique, sacred space with our lover, a space where I can be reflective, awaken, playful , feel safe and loved.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What Is Tantric Sex?

Most people I work with want to know what Tantric sex is. These two buzz words have become one of  "the most sought for" and "the most misunderstood" terms in practicality.

Every tantric masseuse has a story to tell. Still... nothing makes sense and we  are all more confuse then ever... so is anyone out there that can summarise what "tantric love making" means? so an 8 year old could understand it too??

The first myth that has to go is that Tantric sex is about having intercourse for hours. A comment that Sting made over 20 years ago has captivated the public's imagination. He tried to re-phrase it after and at some point he even said he regretted making that statement as everyone misunderstood him.

In Tantric love making, both partners transfigured each other. They are no longer "him and her" but deities beyond human faults. Shiva and Shakti are dancing together to maintain harmony in this Universe. The Tantric approach is a mental approach and has little to do with technique. Suffice it to say that boosting your ego about your own performance has nothing to do with Tantra. On the contrary, this will keep you down.

Maintaining a state of arousal for longer helps. There is no such  thing like: I'll kiss you, and I'll do this to you and then you'll do the same to me and hopefully we'll be both happy with what we've got by the time we finish. Giving just for the sake of giving, no expectations to get anything back. Receiving everything, staying open, going beyond your limitations... surrender.... A few key words here that indicate a state of mind. Starting from giving-receiving, the ego looses the battle. The state of consciousness changes and love making becomes a  transcendental metha-physical experience. It's not just about the body, it's about the journey that the mind takes you on.

Two minds can become one and travel together to discover the beauty of the non dual awareness. Bon voyage and enjoy!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

One Month Intensive Tantra Yoga Course In Mexico

Part of the Agama Yoga school (, a new Tantra Yoga course has opened for more than a year now in Mazunte - Oaxaca, Mexico. It has quickly become one of Mexico's favourite stops for affordable courses like First Month Intensive Yoga Course and The Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat.

For all info on courses, workshops and retreats, please visit

The Ella Experience, www

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Yoni Massage - What Does It Do To Women?

The counterpart of the Lingham Massage is the Yoni massage. It is often offered in a Tantric massage place/temple for women by women. If you are already thinking about two naked women massaging each other....let me stop you here!

Women choose to go for a Yoni massage:
a) out of curiosity, they have probably read about it in a fancy magazine;
b) because they feel they are missing out on something here (they might not be able to have an orgasm and talking about it with a woman might be easier for them);
c) they want to experience a woman's touch.

A Yoni massage is designed for women by women. A full body massage to start with ensures that the recipient is more relaxed and can open her body to receive the Yoni massage. It can be an intense, emotional experience, where the client remains passive and is deeply connected to herself, her mind remains still.

The Yoni massage can clear sexual blockages (if any) and increases the recipient's sexual confidence. Her sacred space is worshipped by her through the giver's mind, hands and intention. there is no rush and each woman reacts differently. Some perceive it as a nice relaxing experience, others as a breakthrough into their fears, traumas and emotional insecurities.

Whatever the issue you want to experience a Yoni Massage for, talk to the therapist prior to session. Every woman is different and should be treated as such.

Benefits Of Orgasm For Men And Women

Women are multi-orgasmic by nature while men have to learn how to build and surf on that continuous wave without exploding. Women need more time to find an orgasm, men are pressured by time. Women are greedy, they want another one, and then another one, while most men are happy with one orgasm.

It seems we all want the same thing: whether we call it sex or love making, everyone wants their emotional and physical needs met. The rest is just linguistics. Whether we are able to express our feelings through words, the way we feel after a close intimate contact is about the same. We feel loved, taken care of and sometimes even spoilt!

Orgasms make us happy and they put us into a deep state of relaxation, we can fall asleep straight through after, or relax easier after a stressful day - cortisol (the stress hormone) has left the body, and new endorphins have been released.

Frequent orgasms can make you look 10 years younger. If you have ever bumped into somebody whom you haven't met recently and he/she looks younger, feels more vital and looks happier,  no need to ask them why and how. You can though... to check if the theory is true. Be my guest!

Whether in a relationship or not, we can all have orgasms. Of course, "a dildo doesn't bring you flowers and you can't introduce it to your parents" (Sex And The City). If it works for you, (or your hands are enough), the endorphin rush is enough to calm the nerves. Plus your skin will glow (not in the dark though!).

The Ella Experience -

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How To Use All Five Senses To Get Her In The Mood

Attention men everywhere! If you want to rev things up between-the-sheets with your partner, let your five senses control foreplay! It doesn't necessarily have to be a sensual massage... keep it nice and simple!

Turn her on with your words, beckon her with your smell and sexplore with taste. Voila, you've discovered the secret to mind blowing fun! Allow Esther Perel to explain:

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Can We Want What We Already Have?

In a relationship, after years of living together, can we still want what we already have? When we are so sure that everything will be the same tomorrow - simply a routine - does our partner still attract us?

A long term relationship offers the greatest luxury in life: enough time to spend with each other. There are exciting times, and others that feel like a failure. It requires strategy, effort, and a will to make it work to stay together... a relationship needs maintenance. Blaming the other for routine will only cause a defensive argument, to say at least...

To keep it all exciting, maintain a sense of playfulness. "Sex is the last arena where we can afford to get back to playing as adults." (Esther Perel) You don't have to go places, it's enough if you look at each other with new eyes. Desire needs imagination, thrill needs adventure, and safety needs emotional intimacy.

When you are sure something will be yours forever, you rapidly loose interest... Only fear of  loss can make you appreciate your partner again.

Here is one of Esther Perel's  amazing TED video presentation that reveals the secret to desire in a long term relationship. She is one of the world's most original and insightful voices on couples and sexuality across cultures.

Friday, 3 May 2013

The Ella Experience - New Video Release

Ella (The Ella Experience) shares a love for Tantra and a taste for simplicity with the people she meets through her work. It's a love story between real life and faith. Everything is perfect as it is and each Tantric massage session she gives, is different in terms of energy flow, interpretation of the human body and emotional connection.

After 6 years of working in London with people from all over the world, Ella has made a video that lets you into her world. The camera follows her hands moving smoothly - it's the mellow warmth of the Far East, where Tantra was born. Making the video was just like writing about herself... her emotions translated into motions.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Phone Etiquette When Booking A Tantric Massage

Before booking or inquiring about a Tantric Massage, please check the provider's Tantric massage website. It will give you an idea about sessions, prices, location and most important, what the masseuse does not provide. (This is to avoid any embarrassing questions)

To ensure that communication flows smoothly at both ends, please take into consideration the following:

1.Whatever you do for a living, you will not get anywhere far without manners and consideration. Treat the person you are talking to, the same way you would like to be treated.

2. A Tantric masseuse runs a massage business not a chatting line. Her time is as precious as yours!

3. To make an appointment and then ask what the service consists of, can be a waste of time. You can do it the other way around, in case what you want is not what the Tantric masseuse provides.

Here is a witty video about rules for booking a sensual massage:

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why Does A Tantric Masseuse Call Herself A Goddess?

Some Tantric Masseuses  prefer to be called Goddesses, and this is not out of their ego.It's a way of helping you to acknowledge that you are going to enter the feminine aspect of the Universe. From a Tantric point of view, the Universe consists of two fundamental opposites: Shiva and Shakti  - masculine and feminine.

Shiva, the male God, is the principle of consciousness, of transcendence, of that which never dies but which transcends life and death. Shakti, the female Goddess, is the principle of energy, of vibration, of everything that can be seen, felt, touched, smelt and heard.

The Universe is a continuous dance between Shiva and Shakti. Matter (Shakti) appears out of the void (Shiva) and manifests into the physical world, only to be again reabsorbed into the infinite realm of Shiva.

Shakti has 10 aspects of her divine power, like 10 sides of the female aspect of the universe. They are often called Goddesses and they are worshipped through prayer and meditation.

When you go for a Tantric massage and the Goddess welcomes you into her world, you can emerge with her, and see the world from her eyes. Together you can maintain harmony and balance within the micro cosmos (you, the drop in the ocean) and the macro cosmos( the Universe, sometimes referred as the Ocean)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Can A Tantric Massage Damage Your Relationship?

If you think that you are going to have an argument/conflict or feel anxious about your partner finding out that you have experienced a Tantric massage, here are a few things that you need to discuss with your partner to make things clear, and to explain that a Tantric massage can actually enrich your personal life without any emotional damage or threat to your relationship.

1. A Tantric massage is an alternative and therapeutic approach to your mind, body and soul. The simple fact that you feel inspired to try such an experience means that you are willing to make an effort to reach new heights within yourself, and once there you can always incorporate what you learnt into your own personal life. Sometimes it is easier for you to experience a Tantric massage and then relate it to your relationship. There is so much to learn!

2. A professional Tantric masseuse does not get involved personally or emotionally with her clients. She provides a service and is the catalyst for your experience, once the massage is finished, nothing carries on further than the door. The masseuse caters for your needs, not hers. 

3. If your partner wishes to find out more about a Tantric experience, why not book a couple's massage! It can help deepen the intimacy between you both, and will give you those butterflies in your stomach again and for sure there will be lots to talk about, for weeks after....

Denying that you even went for a Tantric massage makes you look as if you had something to hide. Talking about it with your partner sounds like sharing. We all have our best kept secrets, but realistically speaking, just because sex is still such a big "taboo" in the 21st century, does a sensual, relaxing, therapeutic, massage come close to your best kept secret? Well... it does if you let it, or it doesn't if you treat it from an adult point of view.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Tantric Lifestyle - Dare To Change!

"Dare to change" is part of EllaXp's motto. Her Tantric sessions are not only therapeutical and sensual, they challenge your deeper self to connect with your higher state of consciousness and go beyond the "gateless gate". For those of you who doubt that there is something else to discover about the body and mind, dare to try an "Ella Experience"!

Ella has recently come back from her journey through Thailand. She brought back a  deeper insight towards life, herself and the people she meets.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

One Month Intensive Tantra Yoga Course In Thailand

One of the best Tantric Yoga school in the world is the Agama Yoga 1st Month intensive course. Anyone can join in, regardless of any previous Yoga experience. It is a very well organised course, with 6 hours of Yoga/ day (practise, theory and lectures). The quality of the information you get is invaluable.

The curriculum covers asanas, mudras, bandhas, the yamas and niyamas, the theory if resonance, Yoga of sleep, Kria yoga, a full introduction to the Chakras and Tantra Yoga, information on macrobiotics and diet, and much more.

For those who expect to have sexual fantasies while on a Tantric course, this is not the place to go to. This one month course is informational and educational and it changes your perspective on life.

The following video introduces Agama Yoga's 1st month intensive course:

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

7 Questions People Are Embarrassed To Ask When They Go For A Tantric Massage

1. Is the therapist a professional? Where did she study? (Any therapist will be happy to provide you with relevant answers about her professional background. Best to know you are in safe hands!)

2. What makes the massage Tantric as opposed to just sensual? (Lots of things here to be explained)

3. Will I be able to touch the masseuse? (Different policy for each practitioner so better find this out from the very beginning)

4. Is there anything to learn from a Tantric massage? (There should be!)

5. Is it OK if I have an erection during the massage? (This is normal)

6. If I ejaculate before the end of the session, is this a problem? ( The session still goes on)

7. If I choose a nude session, does it mean we are both going to be nude, or just me? (Better ask if in doubt )

Whatever question you have in mind, do ask before you book the session so you know what you get is what you want!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What Is A "Couples Massage"?

A sensual couples massage aims at bringing two people closer by sharing an intimate experience. It is usually accustomed for two lovers.

Two massage therapists will be used to massage the two participants in the same time. Alternatively one therapist can accomplish the task by taking turns.

This massage is an opportunity for a newbie to be introduced to a sensual massage by someone already familiar with it. It can help with nudity issues and relieving stress built up between the two lovers. One of the biggest benefits is that it improves communication between partners as it helps people to open up more to each other.

Some couples prefer to converse during the massage, others want to stay quiet. Some want to learn how to massage their partner, some just want to relax. Either way, it's a great way to help you bond with the one you love!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Why Some Women Can't Have An Orgasm

If you have tried everything, and still no result... consider this:

1.A woman's mind might be her biggest obstacle from keeping her from having an orgasm. It's very important to understand that in order to give a woman an orgasm, you must be able to steer her body as well as her mind.

2. Confident women can usually orgasm quicker because they don't let their insecurities or fear get in the way. Shy or self-conscious women will take longer to let themselves go.

3. What turns men on is very different from what turns women on. Men are very visual creatures, while women are turned on more by what they feel and what they imagine. A woman is turned on by your actions, your behaviour, your attitude and your language. The context of the situation matters a lot, too!

4. It is very important that the woman has a high level of respect and trust towards you. This will make it easier for her to give herself to you fully, both body and mind.

A woman's mind is what keeps her away from connecting with her body. Make her stay present, stop her mind from wandering, and she'll start connecting more to herself. You can start with a relaxing sensual massage to help her relax first!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sting - On Tantra

Sting is renowned for making Tantra even more famous that it has already been. Every time the singer talks about his Tantric life style, it makes waves in the media and more and more people get inspired to join Tantra courses or experience at least a Tantric massage.

Watch Sting's inspirational interview on Tantra and Tantric sex: