Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Phone Etiquette When Booking A Tantric Massage

Before booking or inquiring about a Tantric Massage, please check the provider's Tantric massage website. It will give you an idea about sessions, prices, location and most important, what the masseuse does not provide. (This is to avoid any embarrassing questions)

To ensure that communication flows smoothly at both ends, please take into consideration the following:

1.Whatever you do for a living, you will not get anywhere far without manners and consideration. Treat the person you are talking to, the same way you would like to be treated.

2. A Tantric masseuse runs a massage business not a chatting line. Her time is as precious as yours!

3. To make an appointment and then ask what the service consists of, can be a waste of time. You can do it the other way around, in case what you want is not what the Tantric masseuse provides.

Here is a witty video about rules for booking a sensual massage:

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why Does A Tantric Masseuse Call Herself A Goddess?

Some Tantric Masseuses  prefer to be called Goddesses, and this is not out of their ego.It's a way of helping you to acknowledge that you are going to enter the feminine aspect of the Universe. From a Tantric point of view, the Universe consists of two fundamental opposites: Shiva and Shakti  - masculine and feminine.

Shiva, the male God, is the principle of consciousness, of transcendence, of that which never dies but which transcends life and death. Shakti, the female Goddess, is the principle of energy, of vibration, of everything that can be seen, felt, touched, smelt and heard.

The Universe is a continuous dance between Shiva and Shakti. Matter (Shakti) appears out of the void (Shiva) and manifests into the physical world, only to be again reabsorbed into the infinite realm of Shiva.

Shakti has 10 aspects of her divine power, like 10 sides of the female aspect of the universe. They are often called Goddesses and they are worshipped through prayer and meditation.

When you go for a Tantric massage and the Goddess welcomes you into her world, you can emerge with her, and see the world from her eyes. Together you can maintain harmony and balance within the micro cosmos (you, the drop in the ocean) and the macro cosmos( the Universe, sometimes referred as the Ocean)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Can A Tantric Massage Damage Your Relationship?

If you think that you are going to have an argument/conflict or feel anxious about your partner finding out that you have experienced a Tantric massage, here are a few things that you need to discuss with your partner to make things clear, and to explain that a Tantric massage can actually enrich your personal life without any emotional damage or threat to your relationship.

1. A Tantric massage is an alternative and therapeutic approach to your mind, body and soul. The simple fact that you feel inspired to try such an experience means that you are willing to make an effort to reach new heights within yourself, and once there you can always incorporate what you learnt into your own personal life. Sometimes it is easier for you to experience a Tantric massage and then relate it to your relationship. There is so much to learn!

2. A professional Tantric masseuse does not get involved personally or emotionally with her clients. She provides a service and is the catalyst for your experience, once the massage is finished, nothing carries on further than the door. The masseuse caters for your needs, not hers. 

3. If your partner wishes to find out more about a Tantric experience, why not book a couple's massage! It can help deepen the intimacy between you both, and will give you those butterflies in your stomach again and for sure there will be lots to talk about, for weeks after....

Denying that you even went for a Tantric massage makes you look as if you had something to hide. Talking about it with your partner sounds like sharing. We all have our best kept secrets, but realistically speaking, just because sex is still such a big "taboo" in the 21st century, does a sensual, relaxing, therapeutic, massage come close to your best kept secret? Well... it does if you let it, or it doesn't if you treat it from an adult point of view.