Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tantric Massage and Your Hygiene

When you book a tantric massage, there are 3 aspects to take into consideration:

1. You've got to know exactly what the massage entails and what the masseuse is willing to do, not to push your luck.

2. Your attitude towards the whole experience (manners, approach, conversation and the ability to surrender to the whole experience - remember, you are not going to be in charge! If you can't let go and want to play the boss, check if that's on, first!!! )

3 Hygiene - this is paramount! Consider that if you don't smell fresh, your session will be cut off with a few good minutes, and the masseuse will have a tendency to stay away from you, rather than get closer to you. If you had a shower in the morning, and now it's 7pm, even if you know you are not the sweaty guy, do jump in the shower for a rinse. Don't forget to pay extra attention to your genital organs and under the arms. If you think your breath has been compromised, ask for a chewing gum or just rub a bit of toothpaste on your teeth (it's always left handy in any bathroom)

When it comes to deep breath, please don't exhale on the masseuse! No matter how hot the session is, no one wants to inhale a stale breath or smell the flavour of your last meal. Would you?

For some of you, all of the above must sound like Kindergarten drills, I know!! Believe me, half of the people I see in a day lack the hygiene concept.

Do you consider yourself a clean guy? one shower per day? that's great! When your skin doesn't come into direct contact with a girl's body, one shower per day would do. In a massage, once you get your kit off, your pores start to breathe and let go of the trapped sweat.

So 2 mins in the shower will definitely make a difference for your Tantric massage experience. Don't miss it!