Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tantric Workshops - What Are They Good For?

A Tantric workshop is an opportunity for you to find out a bit about Tantra. Whether it is a two day workshop or a five day workshop, the bottom line remains the same: you are being introduced to Tantra within a small period of time.  After that, if you think you would like to know more about Tantra, you've got to get on a Tantric course.

Tantric workshops can have different curriculum, according to the background of the person who hosts the workshop. In general, the mystery of spiritual eroticism is linked to relevant information from Yoga, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism. Outprints can be handed out, and the workshops are marked by many exemplifications, meditations and sometimes even initiations (energy inductions). There is no nudity involved and it's all educational and informational.

A Tantric workshop is more like a sample (the same with a Tantric massage). Call it a Tantra Teaser..  If you are not sure whether Tantra is for you or not, go for a short one - even a one day introduction would do!

Useful sites for Tantric courses and workshops:

In London - UK: Tara Yoga  

In Denmark - Copenhagen: Agama Yoga

In Thailand: Agama Yoga 

In Estonia - Taliinn And Tartu

In Hungary - Budapest:  Agama Yoga

In The Netherlands- Amsterdam: Agama Yoga

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