Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Yoni Massage - What Does It Do To Women?

The counterpart of the Lingham Massage is the Yoni massage. It is often offered in a Tantric massage place/temple for women by women. If you are already thinking about two naked women massaging each other....let me stop you here!

Women choose to go for a Yoni massage:
a) out of curiosity, they have probably read about it in a fancy magazine;
b) because they feel they are missing out on something here (they might not be able to have an orgasm and talking about it with a woman might be easier for them);
c) they want to experience a woman's touch.

A Yoni massage is designed for women by women. A full body massage to start with ensures that the recipient is more relaxed and can open her body to receive the Yoni massage. It can be an intense, emotional experience, where the client remains passive and is deeply connected to herself, her mind remains still.

The Yoni massage can clear sexual blockages (if any) and increases the recipient's sexual confidence. Her sacred space is worshipped by her through the giver's mind, hands and intention. there is no rush and each woman reacts differently. Some perceive it as a nice relaxing experience, others as a breakthrough into their fears, traumas and emotional insecurities.

Whatever the issue you want to experience a Yoni Massage for, talk to the therapist prior to session. Every woman is different and should be treated as such.

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