Wednesday, 23 January 2013

7 Questions People Are Embarrassed To Ask When They Go For A Tantric Massage

1. Is the therapist a professional? Where did she study? (Any therapist will be happy to provide you with relevant answers about her professional background. Best to know you are in safe hands!)

2. What makes the massage Tantric as opposed to just sensual? (Lots of things here to be explained)

3. Will I be able to touch the masseuse? (Different policy for each practitioner so better find this out from the very beginning)

4. Is there anything to learn from a Tantric massage? (There should be!)

5. Is it OK if I have an erection during the massage? (This is normal)

6. If I ejaculate before the end of the session, is this a problem? ( The session still goes on)

7. If I choose a nude session, does it mean we are both going to be nude, or just me? (Better ask if in doubt )

Whatever question you have in mind, do ask before you book the session so you know what you get is what you want!


  1. The 7th part is something that usually makes us feel embarrassment but once used to the nude deed, you will not mind it at all on going to tantric massage london parlors.

  2. It may feel awkward only the first time, and it helps if the masseuse is friendly and can put you at ease. We are born naked and we keep covering ourselves all our life, and we forget how good and liberated we feel when we are naked and comfortable with our body.